Jacquie and Ricardo 10th Anniversary
The day has come! October 24, 2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of our wedding!
Here is our history (click on the links to see each phase of our lives in more details):

Jacquie and Ricardo met online on October 17, 2008 and two weeks later, on October 29, 2008,
they were engaged. Little did Ricardo knew but he was talking initially to Jacquie's friend who
posted her profile on the dating site. Ricardo never knew when they switched so until today he
does not know if he proposed to jacquie or to her friend.

It was a difficult time because the relationship had to be based on online communication but they
kept the channel between them open
through the many ways possible at that time. One of them is
the celebration of one of
Jacquie's birthday that year. Jacquie claims to have two birthdays!

Online dating was not only enough so
Ricardo planned to meet Jacquie in Manila on January 17,
2009 at SM Makati. The photo below is the first photo they took together:
10th Anniversary Celebration Timeline
After meeting her friends in Manila and her family in Cagayan Valley, Ricardo returned to US to
start the Fiance VISA process to bring Jacquie to the US. The
filing of the paperwork was finally
confirmed on February 27, 2009 (the detailed information is on the middle of the page and the
other data was more online communication they had between them).

We continue the online communication with the hope that Jacquie's Fiance Visa process would be
accepted. While they waited,
Ricardo planned a second trip to the Philippines for May 1, 2009 to
meet Jacquie and her family again. The video below shows the moments we had together:
On June 25, 2009 they finally received the approval of the Fiance VISA. The approval was done
at the US side so we still had to go through the approval from the US Embassy in the Philippines
so we had to prepare for a series of other procedures to prepare for Jacquie's interview.

While we waited for the interview, we already
started preparing for the wedding. The location was
chosen on July 15, 2009: Fort Fisher in Kure Beach, NC.

From then on, things started to accelerate. Jacquie went to the interview at the US Embassy on
August 24, 2009 and she finally received the VISA on her passport on September 7, 2009. On
September 19, 2009
Ricardo was already going to the Philippines to bring Jacquie to the US. It
was now the actual start for a big adventure for Jacquie, leaving the Philippines for the first time
on September 26, 2009.

NC Wedding License was requested on October 2, 2009 and they were busy going to the
wedding location, planning the ceremony in a record time of less than a month!

They were finally bringing their dreams to reality on
October 24, 2009 with their Wedding Day!
Fast forward one year and the adventures continued! More and more dreams were coming true!
Jacquie finally met the relatives from Brazil and Seattle and they had many other trips to other
wonderful places!

Fast even more forward and now,
with the most important of our dreams, Nicole, with us, we are
having the real dream come true.
"Jacquie, we reached an important milestone in our lives and I enjoyed
every moment of these 10 years
! Thank you for every second of it! May
our journey continue to be blessed!"