May your plans and
dreams come true in
We want to thank those who spent some of their times to visit us:
  • Olinda Haragutchi, Gabriela Sinzato, Lourdes Akiyama, Fabiana Tamaki, the Kajimoto family,
    Rosana Ramos and Emily Tanaka from Brazil
  • The Haragutchi family from San Francisco, CA
  • The Kajimoto family from Tampa, FL
  • Dina Bosque and Arlyn Gardner, the Cavenaugh family, the McNeil family with Kay Reed and Ester
    Austria from Wilmington, NC
One of our objective to come to Florida has proved right. We are receiving many more guests!
Plan to come and visit us, everyone!

We want to thank those who offered their hospitality, receiving us in their location:
  • The Torres family in the Philippines
  • The Haragutchi family from San Francisco, CA
  • The Oswandel family, the Borque family and the McNeil family in Wilmington, NC and those who
    visited us while we were there (The Cavenaugh family, the Sprague family, the Serrano-Godwin
    family, Linda Ott, the Rogers family)
  • The Kajimoto family from Tampa, FL
  • The Onishi and Rosen families, the Martin family, Elaine Kyono, the Shimizu family, the Kunz, Gary
    Kawaguchi from Seattle, WA
Sorry, Campbell family from Santa Barbara, CA. Due to a virus Nicole contracted, we had to cancel our
plans to visit you at the end of the year. Nicole is still recovering and the worst seems to be over.
Our second objective, keeping the bridge between relatives and friends has also been achieved!
We plan to continue this process and our next location to be visited is Brazil in 2018!

We want to thank those in the local community who received us and supported us during our adaptation to
  • Jody Caputo
  • The Marquez family
  • The Delos Reyes family
  • The Barcena family
  • Our Neighbors
  • Many more families
Sorry, there are so many that it is difficult to remember and list all of them.

We want to thank those who supported Nicole in all her activities such as the Fun Run, the Balet, the
Modeling and also in her Birthday Party!

To all our friends and relatives, a Happy
and Prosperous New Year!