Nicole in Sao Paulo
Nicole announced her visit to Sao Paulo in
Brazil on February 3, 2018 on Facebook
and asked for a contact from those who
wanted to meet with her.

From the returns she received from our
hosts, we created our schedule and started
preparing for the trip through a series of

Phase 1:
We offered to bring anything that our hosts
wanted from the US. The hosts that
participated are:
- Sandra Tanaka
- Tami Ikeizumi
- Natalina Ashitaka

Phase 2:
On this phase we offered our hosts to
participate in the US Lottery for a chance to
win 274 million dollars. The hosts that
participated are:
- Sakura family
- Ramos family
- Marcio Takatsu family
- Natalina Ashitaka
- Yasuko Haga
- Sandra Tanaka
- Lucia Abe
- Neyde Caetano
- Tami Ikeizumi
- Lourdes Akiyana
- Yayoi Ikeizumi
- Tabio Tamaki family
- Dani Hayashi
- Eliane Suzuki
- Daba Hayashi
- Aurora Takeshita
- Sergio Takatsu family
- Lie Ikeizumi
The winner was Sandra Tanaka who
guessed the Power number and won $1.00.
On phase 3 we finally had our itinerary in Sao Paulo complete:

- 03/24/18, Saturday, 10:00PM: Guarulhos Airport (Thank you for coming Gabriela Sinzato and
boyfriend and Sandra Tanaka and husband)
- 03/25/18, Sunday, 11:00AM: Hayashi Family
- 03/25/18, Sunday, 5:00PM: Caetano/Abe Family
- 03/26/18, Monday, 10:00AM: Haragutchi/Ashitaka/Akiyama/Kajimoto/Toledo Family
- 03/26/18, Monday. 7:00PM: Akiyama/Kajimoto/Toledo/Yano Family
- 03/27/18, Tuesday, 8:00AM: Natalina Ashitaka
- 03/27/18, Tuesday, 1:00PM: Tanaka/Ramos Family
- 03/27/18, Tuesday, 7:00PM: Ikeizumi/Takatsu Family and Gabriela Sinzato
- 03/28/18, Wednesday, 9:00AM: Natalina Ashitaka
- 03/28/18, Wednesday,7:30PM: Marcio Takatsu Family
- 03/29/18, Thursday, 9:00AM: Sakura Family and Natalina Ashitaka
- 03/29/18, Thursday, 5:00PM: Sergio Takatsu Family and Gabriela Sinzato
- 03/30/18, Friday, 10:00AM: Haragutchi/Akiyama/Tamaki/Toledo Family and Gabriela Sinzato
- 03/30/18, Friday, 5:00PM: Guarulhos Airport (Thank you for coming Sergio and Lucia

Phase 4 was a series of information to keep contact and make sure we exchange dates,
locations and times.