Our main focus for 2017 is Family!... but on a different concept: Family are not only those blood related relatives but also
those that we are adopted into!
We wish you all a Happy New Year (sorry, it is impossible to post photos of everyone
IFEP renamed to KAN
The International Family Exchange Program (IFEP) is going to be renamed to the Kinue-Aurora-Neyde (KAN) Program.
Through this program we exchange family members between countries to give them more international experience.
Recipients of this program include Tami Ikeizumi, Mayra Takatsu, Mikael Abe and several others.

The program was renamed to give credit to those who really inspired us to create the program in the first place and they
Sorry, I can't possibly include everyone on one page!
Participate in the KAN Program! Experience has shown us that they all earn a lot of experience in coming to the US on
their own.
Now, what about Nicole?

It is time for Nicole to come to center stage!
She will start Kindergarten in 2016 and she
seems to be willing to start!

She has also shown that she is comfortable
with being on center stage so we ask for
your help, especially for those family
members that are dancers, actors and
models. We may send Nicole your way for
an internship through the KAN Program!

We see a number of opportunities for her
within her academic education and even
outside of it!

Way to go, Nicole!
For the family, we are having to turn the world upside down for our first goal of 2017:
Families from the land down under, we will be there soon!
1) Kinue Kawaguchi on the left: Kinue lived in Seattle, WA in the US and she made sure our relatives were united by
coming to Brazil several times, bringing her sons and daughters to meet the relatives from Brazil. She sponsored mother
Olinda on a trip to the US and she is responsible for including the United States into my objectives of life. Thanks to her
and her sons and daughters I was able to include the USA into my future at that time. Kinue is directly linked to us by 4
generations up on the family tree!

2) Aurora Takeshita in the middle: Aurora lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and she is responsible for giving me the foundations
for life while I participated in the Piratininga Sports Club. She not only gives you wise advises and tutoring but she also
supports 100% on your life goals. Aurora is from the Hayashi family that adopted us! You can see an example of this in
the video below from her niece Veronica Hayashi.

3) Neyde Caetano on the right: I always admired Neyde for having her house full every time. She sacrifice herself to bring
a healthy and fun environment at her home where everybody can feel that they are at their home all the time. We spent a
large portion of our childhood around her house, farm and wherever she might be. Neyde is from the Caetano/Abe family
that adopted us!

Thank you, Kinue, Aurora and Neyde for what you are not only to me but to all our families!

The video below shows just one example on how they are. It was made by Veronica Hayashi, niece of Aurora Takeshita: