I want to thank you not only for who you are but also for what you changed in my life.

You connected us to the great Filipino community in the US (too many to have photos of everybody so I
am including here, as a sample, those who hosted us in Wilmington after our move to Florida):
Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Left photo: the McNeil family hosted us in May, 2016
Center photo: The Oswandel family hosted us in May, 2016
Right photo: The Bosque family hosted us in May, 2016

You helped me reconnect to my adoptive families in Brazil (Hayashi family and Abe/Caetano family)
through visits and virtual participation in events such as
Aurora's birthday party:
Left top photo: Mikael Abe graduation while we hosted him in Wilmington in 2010
Left bottom photo: Meire and Dorival visit us in Wilmington in 2013
Right photo: Abe/Caetano family receiving us in Brazil in 2015
Video: Aurora Takeshita Birthday Party (Hayashi family)

You helped me to continue direct contact with my family in Seattle and Brazil:
Top row photos: Kawaguchi Family Reunion in Seattle, WA in 2010
Second and third row photos: Takatsu Family Reunion in Brazil in 2015

You introduced me to the great family we have in Cagayan Valley, in the Philippines:
All photos above are from Cagayan Valley showing your family in April of 2016

You helped me bring my mother from the assisted living facility in Brazil to our home in the US, with the
help of members of the Akiyama family:
Right photo: Nicole when she was born in December, 2011
Left photo: Nicole at the FunRun event in October, 2016

So, even though you are crazy...
Top left photo: Olinda Haragutchi arriving in Miami Airport with the Akiyama/Tamaki/Kajimoto families in
August, 2016
Top right photo: Olinda Haragutchi with the Tamaki/Kajomoto families in October, 2016
Bottom photo: Olinda Haragutchi with us at the  Alpine Grooves Park in October, 2016

And, of course, I can't forget the reason of our existence:
... I guess I also am!

You continue to be an inspiration for many dream and, best of all, it has only been 7 years so, we've only
just begun!

So, what
started in October, 2008 lead to a marriage in October 2009!
Not only
after the first year, but after 7 years, I am still saying:

- I am looking forward to the next one and the many more dreams that you will inspire in my life!

Congratulations on our anniversary and thank you very much for who you are!