Martha and Kenji 50 years of marriage and still smiling!

Martha and Kenji Onishi will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on December 28th, 2007. They have enjoyed and endured: careers in education, four children, eight grandchildren, and many volunteer activities. Among their favorites are church activities, musical groups and performances, travel, golf (Kenji), and hosting and meeting international students.

Help us celebrate their anniversary by sending a short message and, if possible, a current photo of yourself. For the International Students, we would like to suggest including some words about the the time you came to the US and met Martha and Kenji. This website, as a collection of photos and well wishes, will be presented to them as a surprise on their anniversary.

Please spread the word. We would like to hear from as many people as possible.

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We thank you very much for your support and contribution,
Leann Onishi;
Phil and Debbie Onishi (Matthew and Kenzo);
Eugene and Kathy Onishi (Eric, Lynne, and Paul);
Rob and Chris Onishi (Brianne, Aaron, and Nicole)

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