This homepage was created to keep a historical record of
this family adventure that Michelle Kumata Kunz and her
husband Ken Kunz decided to embark on.

Michelle's main objective is to study the immigration of our
family in Brazil to reproduce it into her artwork.

Check out
Michelle's homepage to get to know her better!

Check out also all the preparations for this event which
were done through an
Event defined on Facebook! You will
see details on flights, hosts, dates and accompany them
through the flights!
This homepage has been created by the International Family
Exchange Program!

Bringing our family together in all geographies!

We want to thank all the support provided by all hosts and
family members that participated! Your hospitality and help are
very much appreciated!

Let's keep the family united!
We need your help: Michelle needs to have the names of the relatives for each photo.
Could you please click on the photo you know someone and then click on "Say something" on the
bottom right corner and provide the information to Michelle?
That will help a lot on her research!
Thank you for your contribution!