I am going to start my Personal BLOG here with the objective of providing a little more of my
background, family, experiences and hobbies. I will be including more pages as time permits.
Click on any of the BLOGs I have already created below:

My First Book (Nicole's Pilgrimage)
08/30/17: A Day at the Beach
08/21/17: The Total Solar Eclipse Experience
08/18/17: Starting Tennis
08/05/17: My Cousin Takeshi Kajimoto's Birthday Party
07/12/17: Plans to see the Total Solar Eclipse
07/08/17: Travelling to Callao Caves with my Family from the Philippines
07/07/17: Traveling to Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat with my Family from the Philippines
07/01/17: Travelling to Nagaramoan Beach with my Family from the Philippines
06/27/17: Meeting Cousin Cristina Torres from the Philippines
06/25/17 - 06/26/17: Traveling to the Philippines