From Ricardo:

gave us a world where I can dream and see it becoming a reality. You showed that there are
no limits and you made sure you were providing us with the tools that enable us to transform
that dream into reality.

At this time, when you are following your new path, I feel the confidence that we will meet in
the future even though your presence is now felt in a different dimension. I feel the
confidence that you will always be with us and your teachings will continue to guide us.

May your journey continue with the assurance that your efforts did provide fruitful results and
will continue doing so for generations to come.

We part ways temporary for now and you can be certain that your mission here is complete
but we will meet once again where I can tell you in person:

"Thank you for the life you provided us, thank you for the teachings you provided us, thank
you for the hopes you enable us to have!"

From Jacquie:

Our hearts are filled with sorrow hearing the news. I am so glad that you got a chance to
spent a year with us. All the happy memories we’ve shared will always be cherished. May
God put you, mother Olinda Haragutchi, in a special place where you will be watching us.

Thanks for everything!!!

For our friends and relatives:

The Funeral Service will be on November 9, 2018 at the Cemiterio da Paz, at 8:00AM and the
Burial Service at the same location and date, at 100PM.

Thank you for the messages of support. Over time, we will be including them all here in
memory of our Mother.
Olinda Yooko Haragutchi Memorial