Pilipinas, in partnership with Kaliwali Arnis Arts, is proud to present "Kalayaan".

Kalayaan in the Filipino language means freedom and it requires hard work and skills. This production is centered
in the Filipino mountain villages during the colonial times showing the life in that village that enabled them to have
their freedom.

Click here to see more details of this wonderful production of the Wilmington, NC area Filipino Community.

Click here to see Kalayaan brochure.

We heard the community and through your suggestions, we are already working on the plans for our 2014
Production, the "Sinulog":

Sinulog is based on the rich, colorful and exciting Festivals in the Philippines. The vibrant beat of the music will take
you to the beginning of the colonial times in the Philippines when local tribes were introduced to the religion of the
Pilipinas is grateful to all donations of books. The large
number of books received (over 1,200) overwhelmed us and
completed phase 1 of our Book Drive in much less time than
we expected.

Phase 2, book distribution has just completed with our
books sent or in the process of being sent to the Philippines
by several members of the local Filipino community. Books
were sent or are in the process of being sent to 4 different
schools in different regions of the Philippines. The
partnership we initially had with Donate Books to the
Philippines Organization was not even needed. Almost all
books are being sent through Balikbayan boxes. This is a
process that will take some time but it achieves our goal.

We want to thank our sponsors and partners:

Brunswick Literacy Council
- UMAC Balikbayan Services (910-524-6625)

These results would not be possible without their support!

The photo below shows one of the school that received our
Filipino Folk Dance
Children's Book Drive
The Pilipinas Entrepreneur Group is calling for volunteers who would like to work with us in the development of a
Poster and a TV Commercial for two local events (Wilmington, NC area) promoted by two different non-profit
organizations. We can't reveal the names of the organizations at this time but the final work will be made widely
available in print and online.

Being non-profit organizations, this is a pro bono effort but it would be nice to have this under your Resume since
they are events of local significance and the TV commercials have a good chance of being aired by major networks.

We are looking for volunteers in areas such as:
- Voice-over
- Video and slideshow editing
- Music composer

Experience is desirable but it is not a must. We can provide initial training in some areas.

If you are interested, send us a message through our
Contact Us page.
We thank you for your contribution.

In addition, the Pilipinas Entrepreneur Group is calling for volunteers who would like to work with us in the
development of an important local event Homepage.

We are looking for volunteers in areas such as:
- Homepage design
- Graphic design

Check all other volunteer opportunities available at our
Volunteer page! We thank you for your support!

Pilipinas Entrepreneur program has also supported another emerging company, the FILAM TRANSPORT, Inc. We
helped create the company logo and we are in the process of developing their homepage. More to come on this
Event Poster and Commercial
Event Homepage
Through the Book Drive Program we are also building up our Library of rare Filipino books and making it available
to all members. Here is our initial list of books made available:

- Artista Ng Bayan, 1990; Francisco Arcellana, Cesar Legaspi and Leandro V. Locsin
- Founders of Freedom, The History of the Three Philippine Constitutions
- Philippine Dance; Reynaldo G. Alejandro, Dame Margot Ponteyn de Arias
- Philippines Religious Imagery; Fernando Zobel de AyalaPope John Paul II in Iloilo; Archdiocese of Jaro, Iloilo City,
- Pope John Paul II in the Philippines, Totus Tuus; Monina Allarey Mercado
- Revolution in the Philippines: The United States in a Hall of Cracked Mirrors; Fred Poole and Max Vanzi
- The Greatest Democracy Ever Told, People Power, an Eyewitness History, The
- Philippines Revolution of 1986
- The Public Conscience of Jaime V. Ongpin
- The Quartet of the Tiger Moon, Scenes from the People-Power Apocalypse; Quijano de Manila
- Victorias, A History in Pictures; David Granada

To request a loan for any of these books, simply send us a message through our
Contact Us page. There is no fee
to loan any of the books in our library. To become a member, simply "Like" us on our
Facebook Page. There are no
membership fees.
Philippines Booth at Local
Cultural Events
We are planning to showcase our wonderful Philippines in local cultural events.
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