In 1986 a dear family changed our lives forever. The Kawaguchi family received us in Seattle and that visit was decisive in defining our
own future. I don't have the photos of that trip right away since they were still films at that time but I want to show here who they are and
how are we related on this photo from 2007 when we met them again in their family reunion:
Seattle 2017
On the photo, from left to right:
Kenji and Masa Onishi, Roy and Barbara Kawaguchi, Tomo
and Thomas Matsumoto, Saki and Roger Shimizu and Aiko
Kyono on the front row.
After that visit in 1986 we decided to migrate to the US and the rest is history.

This year, we are coming back on Thanksgiving to say thank you to all the Kawaguchi family.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017:
- 12:00PM: Arrived at Seattle/Tacoma Airport
- 1:00PM: Arrived at the Hotel in Tacoma
- 3:45PM: Arrived at Foundation House to meet with Leann Onishi and Elaine Kyono, who took us to Evergreen Washelli Cemetery where
we visited Tomematsu and Saki Takatsu, Thomas Matsumoto, Nobi and Aiko Kyono and George Kawaguchi.

Leann  Onishi is the daughter of Kenji and Martha Onishi
and Elaine Kyono is the daughter of Nobi and Aiko Kyono.

- 5:00PM: We were invited for dinner at Foundation House
with Kenji Onishi and Martha Onishi:

From left to right:
Ricardo Haragutchi, Nicole Haragutchi, Jackelyn Haragutchi,
Martha Onishi, Elaine Kyono, Kenji Onishi and Leann Onishi

Thursday: November 23, 2017:
- 9:30AM: Michelle Kumata organized a meeting at the

From left to right: Gary Kawaguchi, Saki Shimizu, Ricardo
Haragutchi, Roger Shimizu, Jackelyn Haragutchi, Michelle
Kumata and Kenneth Kunz.

Gary Kawaguchi is the son of Roy Kawaguchi, Michelle
Kumata is the Daughter of Saki Shimizu, Kenneth Kunz is
the husband of Michelle Kumata.

It was Thanksgiving day and we were invited to dinner at the house of Robert and Chris Onishi.
The photo below shows all relatives we met there:

Back row: Paul Onishi, Chris Onishi, Eugene Onishi, Cathy Sleipnes, Robert Onishi, Aaron
Rosen, Brianne Rosen, Brian Morrison
Front row: Aiko Takeda, Lynne Onishi, Cathy Onishi, Leann Onishi, Nicole Onishi Nicole Haragutchi and Jacquie Haragutchi

Paul and Lynn are son and daughter of Eugene and Cathy Onishi, Brianne
and Aaron Rosen are daughter and son of Chris Onishi,
Nicole Onishi is the daughter of Robert and Chris Onishi, Aiko Takeda is the mother of Cathy Onishi, Cathy Sleipnes is the sister of
Chris Onishi, Robert, Eugene and Leann are the sons and daughter of Kenji and Martha Onishi.

Our last day in Seattle came and we had a Parade to look at!
It was the Maci's Thanksgiving Parade and we setup to meet
Kristine Martin and her daughter Nora Martin.

From left to right: Jacquie Haragutchi, Nicole Haragutchi,
Kristine Martin, Nora Martin and Elaine Kyono.

Kristine is the sister of Elaine and Nora is her daughter.

Unfortunately, reality has to come sooner or later and we need to go back to our routine.

We have just landed in Charlotte, NC and we still have to go to Miami, FL before finally arriving in Jacksonville, FL.

I want to thank you very much for your hospitality, dear Kawaguchi family!
We really had unforgettable times with you all and we would like to invite you all to come to Jacksonville, FL!
Please, come to visit us sometime!